Pate Sucree or Posh Pastry

Published on 15 January 2023 at 14:50

Yesterday I decided to have a go at making Pate Sucree - or posh sweet pastry! Following the recipe on page 153 from the Le Cordon Bleu cook book, I did every thing other than make it by hand; Kitchen Aid food processors were invented for a reason! Simple to follow, pastry rested prior to rolling, then I decided to rest it again once the flan tin was lined. I think I remember James Martin doing something like this on one of his master classes. Anyway, baked blind, I was surprised just how much the pastry actually shrank in the tin. Maybe a bit of a rethink here when I next do this. Then, I made a lemon filling to make Tarte au Citron - posh lemon tart for the posh pastry!!!! This recipe came from The Best Ever French Cooking Course on page 190 but I am sure that you can find the equivalent on-line. The resultant tart did look a bit anaemic, but this reflects the state of our egg industry at the moment, with hens being kept in-doors due to bird flu, so hence no rich, bright yolks that you get when birds are free range! Anyway, the tart was delicious and worth doing and will be made again.

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Susan Scott
a year ago

Looks abserloutly gorgeous and very edible mmmmm