Supper Club Dates Published

Published on 26 January 2023 at 13:35

Dear Reader, I have come to the conclusion, very reluctantly, that perusing the idea of obtaining a Personal Alcohol Licence for my supper club is going to be too expensive. With every thing that has to be done, applied for, registered etc., the cost was very quickly building up to nearly £600! Yes, I am not joking!!!! This would be a heck of a cost to pass on to the price of the supper club; so, dear reader, I am suggesting that you bring your own preferred tipple. This decision taken, I have now been able to publish dates for the supper club. They are all to be held once a month on a Saturday, so could be your 'date night' events. I have started with two supper nights for March, as this ties in nicely with Mothering Sunday which falls on Sunday 19th March; hence, this could be a lovely way of celebrating your dear mothers. Guests are restricted to 6 per evening which is a lovely number of people who may not know each other, to become acquainted in a nice relaxing way. Menus are set and cannot be altered as this means I can keep costs to a minimum whilst offering a good range of French cuisine for each evening. The Kitchen's Supper Club

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