Halibut avec sauce au Beurre OR Halibut with Butter Sauce

Published on 13 February 2023 at 13:14

This is my first attempt at cooking halibut - the king of fish, and regal it is too! Halibut is the main dish for my supper club so it was important to trial this dish as we, (hubby and I) are not great fish eaters, but halibut, although not cheap, will be part of our tea/supper repertoire in future.  The fish was cooked beautifully just in good olive oil (not virgin) and the butter sauce which I have never even heard of until starting to learn French cooking, was a revelation! Acidic and creamy, this sauce was the perfect accompaniment to the fish. I don't know whether I will do the turned vegetables again, but if I do, I will do a different  mix. The rosti was lovely, but again not certain I will do this type of potato to go with this dish (it is a Swiss dish after all!). I tried to get away from placing the fish on a bed of greenery, i.e. spinach, I think this change will set off the fish a lot better, especially when the dish is served on a white plate. Over all, really enjoyed both cooking and eating this dish, and I can't wait to serve it to some eager supper goers. 

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